Frequently Asked
My child is almost 4 years old and is quite conīŦdent already in the water. Can he/she join the Guppies swim program?

Based on our experience, it is generally not a good idea to place them in under age. Many children 3 years old and already confident in the water who have signed up in the Guppies swim program end up crying throughout the 10 sessions. It is not so much the water confidence, but the independence of the child. Because the child is left on their own with strangers, the child feels very uncomfortable making it difficult for the coach to teach the child.

It is best to sign them up for our infant or toddler program where a parent is in the water with the child.

My child has special needs. Can I sign them up for any of the swim programs?

Unfortunately, our coaches are not trained for special needs. There are peculiarities to each type of special needs, pecularities to autism, downs syndrome, ADHD and other conditions that our coaches are not aware of or are trained for. The design of the programs we have is for the children to work in groups. Many special needs children cannot learn well in this type of environment where it is noisy and there is a lot going on.

We are in the process however of developing special needs swim programs.

Can you take in beginner adults?

Yes we can make special arrangements for adult classes, but this is normally done on a private lesson basis.

Do you teach triathletes?

Our programs are geared towards teaching the 4 competitive strokes and learn to swim. For triathletes, we can recommend other coaches that specialize in this sport.