POSTPONEMENT: Given the ever-changing situation of the country and the latest announcement of the Luzon-wide enhanced quarantine procedures, we will have to suspend all swim programs and postpone our summer swim program.

We cannot commit to a start date at this time. However, you are welcome to sign up for our Summer Swim Programs to prioritize your slot reservation. CSA will not be accepting any payments just yet until we are clearer on when we are able to start.

POSTPONEMENT: Given the ever-changing situation, we will have to postpone all swim programs again. We aim to resume swim programs on April 13, 2020. This is also the start of the summer swim program, but we are arranging for a time slot to accommodate the continuation of swim programs for current enrollees.

Frequently Asked
My child is almost 4 years old and is quite conīŦdent already in the water. Can he/she join the Guppies swim program?

We are open to taking in children under 4 years old so long as they are independent enough to be left alone in a class with the coach. You can sign up for a trial session and the coach will determine whether your child can join the class or not.

My child has special needs. Can I sign them up for any of the swim programs?

We have been handling the Special Needs Swim Class of One World School. We are open to handling SPED kids on a private lesson basis and must be scheduled directly with us.

Can you take in beginner adults?

Yes we can take beginner adults. Generally adults would sign up for private classes to have more privacy. But some parents join swim classes along with their kids and it becomes a family bonding activity.

Do you teach triathletes?

Our program is designed to develop competitive swimmers. There are other coaches that specialize in this field that we can refer you to.